Libreum International possesses diverse industry expertise in renewable energy, refined products, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, web tech, manufacturing, & hedge funds that uniquely position us to deliver high value solutions.



Many pharmaceutical companies are not adequately protected against data theft. They lack proper user tracking capabilities necessary to secure their enterprise from employee or contractor threats. With decades of large scale IT infrastructure experience, expertise in HIPPA compliance, FDA, Government Regulations, and Intellectual Property Management, Libreum International understands both the context and the customer. We help our customers get beyond their limitations. Our comprehensive data center solutions include onsite infrastructure, capable of managing over 10 petabytes of data and several thousand employees distributed throughout the United States. From Manufacturing to Sales, we support all sides of the business. We work with large pharmaceutical companies, providing the right combination of infrastructure and professional services to create secured scale-able solutions. 

With a focus on staying ahead of our customers, we continually invest in infrastructure needed to meet and exceed the dynamic requirements of our customers. These dedicated off-site infrastructure arrays provide first in class power sub-systems, cooling, and physical sites that are second to none. Housed in multiple data center locations throughout the United States, these systems are comprised of the highest quality infrastructure, delivering 24/7 performance that exceeds our clients demands.


Through our multi-decade experience of our partners consistent successful transactions with U.S. domestic government municipalities we demand rigorous due diligence and professionalism.

We currently enjoy a direct/non-intermediary relationship with local suppliers and end users in Houston & Corpus Christi, Texas.
Our Value Added Services & Relationships:

  • Upstream & Downstream Experience
  • Direct Relationships with National Oil Corporations (NOC) and International Oil Companies(IOC) / Supermajors
  • Presence, operations, and partnerships on five continents: North America (U.S. & Canada), Europe (UK, Germany, Denmark), Middle East (U.A.E), Asia (India & China), Africa (Ghana, S. Africa, West Africa)


Serving the Hedge fund industry for over 20 years, Libreum International understands the complexities required for designing and deploying HFT systems. We work with a large number of hedge funds ranging up to $1B AUM plus. Our steady growth rate is fueled by our commitment to staying one step ahead of our customer needs and picking up where other IT providers fall off. We focus our investments in infrastructure, tool-sets and service offerings that are unique to our hedge fund clients. Complex trading operations require customized solutions. They require a deep understanding of how the trading systems, algos, business operations and strategies work in the Industry. Our firm combines this knowledge with our technical expertise to create customer centric end-to-end solutions. Delivered on a flat subscription basis, we eliminate the need to purchase internal infrastructure, storage and software that would otherwise cost tens of millions of dollars. 

Our customer-centered approach goes beyond traditional KPI dashboards enabling consolidated solutions that employ artificial intelligence to process and analyze petabytes of data - with decision processes in the sub 15 millisecond range. The solutions tie in Thompson-Reuters, Bloomberg and a variety of other data sources ( i.e. hedge fund equity, commodity, futures, currency, global equity, option tick by tick data on every major exchange and minor exchange). Also included are social listening tools and news service feeds from every major and mid-service provider in the US, Eurozone, Japan, China, Singapore, India, Russia, and other emerging markets as well.. These enterprise grade, single custody private cloud platforms are designed to provide 24x7 user support. They include remote access, optimal TCO, mobile computing support, and offer high levels of security. In addition our Embedded Disaster Recovery, Compliance features, and Due Diligence capabilities simplify SEC, FINRA, SIPC, MSRB, or NFA registration or regulatory processes.


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